Thursday, 30 August 2007


Coming! Coming! Amanhã é o último dia de dúvidas!!! Domingo, vamos celebrar a ida para a Tanzania juntos, já na Alemanha! Ufa!

E o ano já está quase acabando DE NOVO! E no fim do ano Peter e eu já fazemos 10 anos de casamento!

E a Marilia que agora é segundo ela a Dercy Gonçalves de Poços, né Marilinha? Esta mulher! Ainda não consegui assistir a nenhum programa, mas também aqui de longe é difícil, né? E aí, quem tá por aí, assiste pra me contar. O programa chama Cara Metade e vai ao ar nos domingos às 13 horas, pela TVPlan.

Por hoje é só. AHHHHHHH, Anand conseguiu a façanha de nos conectar via dsl à Internet. Uma verdadeira façanha aqui neste país monopolístico das telecomunicações!

Monday, 27 August 2007

a long way to...?

Well, well... já é quase Setembro... This is a mixed feeling-post because I want to give you all some words on what is going on and do not know: in English? Em português?. Eu quero contar um pouco do que tem acontecido. Julho foi um mês incrível, com muita emoção lá no Brasil, ver toda a família e a vó Nair fazendo 90 anos e todo aquele monte de gente bonita! July was a very sentimental month for I visited Brazil and the whole family. Although it was extremely cold - really cold, one would not believe it! – we had a lot of fun and real emotions running loose in my granny´s birthday. After all, it is not every day that a person turns 90 so healthy!

Peter and I packed our stuff in Bonn on the 30th of June. We filled up a 20-feet container, expecting to move to Zimbabwe on the 18th of July, as stated in Peter´s contract. However... things have been a bit different from the plans, and we´re still in the limbo, waiting for a Zim permit, which is not likely to come. The latest news? Well, we´ll have to wait a bit more and ... by next week we´ll know. That will be September. So, for 2 months now we´ve been living out of the suitcase. I mean ... I have been doing so, because Peter stays in Bonn with some boxes, pots, books, plates and cutlery, things that by now must have grown somehow.

So... after a 10 day successful job in Johannesburg – cold, very cold - here I am in Fish Hoek – still in the cold, I´m actually tired of it now, freezing all the time... -, enjoying the view: whales and the dark rainy bay. Rainy, quite so. And lots of things to do in the house: we´ve got an array of workmen here: telecom guys, plumbers, electricians, painters, locker smiths, and other variety of professionals.

Anand my son arrived about 12 days ago, and is settling well, although he´s also getting tired of the cold too. There is hope that September will bring a milder weather to the Cape. He´s gonna stay for 6 months and are looking forward to enjoying the famous Cape summertime.

I write while the plumbers break the floor of the house´s entrance. Trying to finish all this week because on Sunday I´ll fly back to old Europe and stay some weeks in Germany with my beloved man before knowing which country is gonna be our next destination. Well, nothing like a high tolerance to future´s uncertainty.