Thursday, 10 January 2008

and now it is me

I'm leaving tomorrow very early. Or. Better. Moving. Arriving and leaving. Just two ends of the same journey.

Mozambique, then Tanzania, soon Brazil and, if it works, Germany. Before May.

My environmental footprint gets worse by the day.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Anand's leaving South Africa

After 5 months, Anand is going "back" to Brazil. This thing of going "back" makes me wonder whether one can ever "go back" at all in life. I do not think so.

He's going to meet another self when he arrives "back". His eyes are different.

Somehow, because I've been moving so often, I have the impression that I miss this feeling of the new. Blasée, I feel blasée. Dejà vu! That makes a person boring. huuuuuuu... I hope 2008 makes me feel surprised again! Well, I have to make myself surprised again.

Too much for a blog, typical of this "disclose all" society!


Friday, 4 January 2008

the show must go on

Well, well, we survived the losses. And we're fine. A new computer and the job I was working on is finished. New year's Eve was in Stellenbosch with a swing orchestra. Pas mal.

Soon, Dar es Salaam again.

Wish you all a very good new year! To all who wrote to me in the last days, hang on in there. I'll be replying soon. Much love to you. Less violence and poverty, more dance and fun. And more food. Mas a gente não quer só comida.

So much doubt about electoral competition as a sign for democracy! Check Kenya. Pakistan. How to go about it?