Saturday, 17 January 2009


For the beginning of the year, this is not exactly a good feeling. It's just that what one sees around is not promising bright days ahead.

One of the things that makes me (... what? makes me what? scared? shocked? sad? full of resignation? ... ) write today is to share the realization that the rainy season is coming, floods will again fill in the houses in the area I live, and the roads will become rivers full of (all types of) waste (one could imagine, including seriously toxic waste, such as battery acids) and all drains will be blocked and people will be going everyday to work walking IN this sort of water, stagnated, smelly, without seeing at all where one is stepping.

That was a long paragraph, sorry. It's a long story. The roads have been "repaired" recently but anyone who wants to see can see: the repairs are cosmetic and the whole thing is simply useless. I promise to post some pictures here, although my internet does not work any more in that region since last week. The "new" roads will come down the drain built along the houses. We'll be living in (and not on) an island.

Things are getting weird.