Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Dar es Salaam

Xenofobia na África do Sul. Feio, mas não surpreendente. Enquanto eu estava em Maputo, já milhares de moçambicanos retornando.

No fundo, e no correr da história, a gente não sabe o que é bom e o que é ruim. Penso que é bom os Zimbabueanos (essa palavra é estranha em português) voltarem pro Zimbábue e dar uma força pras coisas mudarem por lá.

New robbery at home in Dar, but an easy going one, our own people taking this and that, this time the bicycle. well...

working non-stop. preparing the big trip.

Steinmeyer (Steinmeier?), Germany's minister of Foreign Affairs, will come to Dar in July. Peter has to work hard.

Que mais? Montes de coisas. Anand mudou a cara do blog dele, radicalmente. Nem tem mais link pro meu blog, vou reclamar. Caetano e Pri de casa nova. E hamster. É moda isso é?

Thursday, 15 May 2008


working non stop in Maputo... cyclone in Inhambane. Marina Silva leaves the Ministry of Environment in Brazil. International banks meet here.

Monday, 5 May 2008


Many things in May.

Workers' Day had a taste of dispute over resources, with the trade unions in Brazil - better, the federations - trying to atract unions to guarantee financial resources from compulsory affiliation. I could not read any real debate over the future of the workers now that the Brazilian financial market was upgraded to a "safe" financial heaven for the international capital. We're not safe here but the money is. What a Wonderful World, as Louis Armstrong used to play.

Then, May 1 was also Clemens' - the socialist - birthday. Congratulations, companheiro!

And May 3 was Marilia's birthday, the second one to follow number 9... I'm the next.

May brings Peter's birthday as well. Closer to the happiness of full relaxation. Soon!

May 68. Quite a lot of debates, articles and self-interrogation about the meaning of May 68. I do not remember much, me the girl from empoverished middle class in conservative crib.

Sao Paulo é como o mundo todo, Caetano Veloso said. No mundo um grande amor perdi. Caretas de Paris e New York, sem mágoas estamos aí! Sem mágoas. Detached.

Pri diz que Cae é resolvido. Será que eu resolvi eu? Budha said: there's no learning in avoidance. Told by Dietrich - where are you my friend?

May is time to get married in Brazil. May is the month of Nossa Senhora coroada. May is the right time to start visiting Europe. May is ADEA in Maputo. Lisa in Maputo. Roberto in Inhambane. Que mundo pequeno! A China é maior.

Black Water, Cargill, Monsanto, Nestlé, Shell: a scary nightmare.

2008 almost halfed by life. Prediction of the end - again - in 2012.

To be sure, we are now members of IDEC - Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor. And I hate "my" bank - o Banco Surreal!

More, in Dar.