Saturday, 23 January 2010

in English

This is the first post of 2010, although January is already past its first half. I write in English after a while, as a friend of mine complained that the news have been only in Portuguese recently. So, my dear, here we are!

A little bit of plagiarism, as my son Daniel wrote about his Christmas and New Year's Eve on his blog. Christmas was in Cape Town, with friends. It was a great time, and thanks for Rob and Helen's great roast, Michael's supportive words towards practicing to roll coins between my fingers (he says this is a basic skill necessary for all candidates to being magicians), Hans-Peter and Claudia wonderful company for Christmas eve. And we were not robbed this time.

I had to work non-stop, including Christmas days, and this is sort of becoming a weird tradition that I plan to break in 2010!

Immediately after Christmas, we headed for Brazil, for my first visit to "my" contry in this time of year since 1996. Wow! We went to a very comfortable place, with rooms for everybody (although Marilia was sharing with Anand and Iara), a swimming pool, a great view, entertaining area, a big TV screen for the obsessed with Guitar Heroes, and easy access. It was really good. The weather was perfect, and everybody ended up well tanned.

I enjoyed a good time with my friend Rita and Lucho. Rita is my sister, and it's amazing how it's becoming even more so. She's sweet and caring. To go away is always difficult.

The kids are all fine, family altogether fine. Anand remains in Campinas, and André has moved there. André wants to continue his work with "After Effects", a final edition application for video and TV, which he mastered while working at TV UFOP in Ouro Preto. If anybody has hearded of something, please, let me know. Caetano started his Masters, Davi is nearly his undergrad studies in Economics. Denise started her new job and has a new house. Carol is almost there with her Masters. Anand and Iara announced that they're going to get married in 2010! I'm hoping for a good party!

Marilia continues her success with her TV programme. Carol won the Biblioteca Nacional's prize for best editorial design of the year. Helo is almost realizing her dream... the house on the island is ready now. The list of achievements is long...

Just now, I'm working in Johannesburg and in 10 days Maputo again, for 2 weeks. Life continues. The big resolutions of 2010 are:

well, I don't believe in big resolutions, more in daily resolutions. So, I will go earlier to bed tonight!