Tuesday, 17 August 2010

et encore une fois!

A month later, actually more. The news, the same. Working and working. The big things of this project are coming to an end. The end of a phase. Gratifying.

Never more than 2 weeks in a place. Moving from one continent to another so often is taking its toll. I look older, sure. Looking forward to some holidays.

in other news...

Summer in France is quite mild, pleasant. Although I do nothing more than sitting in front of my computer when I'm here, I have the view. And what a view. Biking a bit from time to time, tomorrow for instance: the bike has to go to the workshop to have the gearbox regulated. Reglé. Two days ago, we had HUGE fireworks here, but we are still wondering why... Ah, and a championship of pétanque.

My favorite news of the week is that there is a movement in France for the devolution of the money that Haiti had to pay to France when it became independent. It's a lot of money. Imagine, to become independent, you pay a huge fine, and start your life in deep debt. Typical. I would support this if I were you.

"The open letter to the French president says the debt, now worth more than €17bn (£14bn), would cover the rebuilding of the country after a devastating earthquake that killed more than 250,000 people seven months ago."

Ah, if I start like this...

I like as well:
"through the UN [and your tax payer money], rich countries are about to fund 20 new coal-fired power plants in China and India [and South Africa] — and if the applications are approved, the UN's Clean Development Mechanism will become one of the largest funders of new coal power plants."

Isn't it great?? Check the data here.

Hope you are all fine. Cheers.