Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I just came back here because a colleague told me that she came in here to visit it... so I was a bit ashamed that I have left it for so long.

Unfortunately I cannot stay long. My to do list didn't reduce since my last post, and the pressure has just impossibly mounted up!

Traveling a lot, a lot.

Getting cold here in France (yes, I'm in France just now). Getting pretty hot already in Southern Africa.

I think Occupy Wall Street is slowly demobilizing, the guys should sit in front of Congress, which is where the bankers and financiers have good friends.

Meanwhile there was Lybia. Too complicated for a short time. But I recommend some food for thought by reading how personal revenge can drive "democratic" regimes to unbelievable behaviours. And my favorite journalist Robert Fisk again surpassing himself writing about the fall of Mr. Kaddafi.

And I love to have subscribed to the Courrier International. Besides helping my French not to die (as I keep working mostly in Portuguese), the guys are really good and truly international.

2012 is soon coming. And I clearly remember how awesome it was to move from 1999 to 2000!

I still have lots of fun with my work, but (and I'll say it again...) I'm gonna seriously reduce it next year.

Much love to my readers!