Sunday, 28 October 2007

Ja cheguei!!!! I've arrived!

Caros amigos, dear all,

Cheguei bem e salva a Tanzania. I have arrived sound and safe.

There are still some problems with adaptors to all electric appliances (again!!), since nothing fits anything in this Southern Africa of my heart (now, sort of East Africa).

In South Africa, we have the 3-round-pin plugs. In Mozambique, it depends on who built the building, it can be anything, from the German 2-thick-round-pin ones to the american 2-flat-short pin ones.

In Tanzania, for your knowledge, the standard plug is a 3-flat-square-pin one.

After being so cold for the last months, I knew the heat would be a shock to me. I expected that. It is the beginning. March will bringbthe TOP heat, before the rains come.

Peter and I went yesterday and today to the swimming pool, which is NEVER cold, and I think this is going to be quite healthy, doing exercises every morning in the water.

Still ahead, and soon, finish looking for a house.

And in two weeks, back to Johannesburg.