Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Since the house now became so so nice that we do not want to leave anymore... well, life's back to normal and I have to travel tomorrow for 3 weeks... Pity...

Latest highlight was the Music festival in Zanzibar (see last post) and now we have a picture on the favorite spot of the week.

Anand turned 29 years of age, dangerously close to the 30's!

Electricity has been reliable for some days. The imbroglio in Kenya keeps on the same pace. Caetano performed with his band Latuya, Andre went camping na Serra do Cipó (?) and Davi wants an appletiser from South Africa (and reminds me that each 100 ml of Coke has one table spoon of sugar, just to keep our tireless campaign againt Coca-Cola going).

News in some weeks. You all keep well and happy!