Sunday, 17 August 2008


There is nice story on the news and I thought I should share with you. This is because in my most most most cynical days - which fortunately occur quite rarely - I say that the poverty reduction policies that very poor governments are supposed to subscribe to to get some debt relief from IMF / World Bank is more like... well... let us let the poor die fast that the "poverty" will reduce. I actually don't say that - although I have said it - anymore because it is too trash, but I confess that I think it - as I said, in my most cynical days.

And then I read this week Mail & Guardian and there the following story: " Zwelithini laments poverty of his people at lavish birthday bash". Zeelithini for the ones who do not know him (I did not know it before I wikied him, blessed ignorance!) is the reigning king of the Zulu nation in South Africa, under the Traditional Leadership clause of that country's constitution. I mean, ok, Mandela is also a son of a king, and so on and so forth. My problem is NOT with his kingship - although I'm definitely NOT a royalist -, but with his very touching way of being concerned with the poor while drinking champagne.

You must read it. A little piece is: " Zwelithini also called for greater attention to be paid to the economic plight of the Zulu nation. 'I am humbled by the way you respect me, but my people are hungry. I'm leading a dying nation. People starve because the money is not being used properly', said Zwelithini".

There we go.