Saturday, 25 April 2009

a perfect day to write a report

It seems that the South Africa's election results are consolidated now. I feel good about the ANC having "fallen short" of the 2/3 majority in Parliament. I get scared every time a party has so great majority, because then any crazy changes in the Constitution - made so so progressive in times of dreaming democracy - can take place, decided by "representatives" of the "people".

Of course, my beloved country Brazil has managed to overcome such problem (the ruling party not having a 2/3 majority) buying votes (PARLIAMENTARIANS!!) with public money, but in South Africa this practice is not so well accepted yet, since the parties are sort of enemies, and floor crossing is not well regarded.

It's such a rainy day, that it is not bad that I have to spend my whole day writing a report. Although report writing is a very brain enlightening activity, it is not very healthy - sitting in front of the computer for hours.

I read today on the news that the worst of the "global downturn" is over. Funny. I always had the impression that the whole big crisis was mostly an excuse to sack as many people as possible from formal job posts, inflating the unemployed people's numbers, to have salaries brought down, before hiring those people again, or at least some of them, as soon as they're needed again. With public money subsidizing it all. As my granny used to say, if you have to steal something, do not go for a bread, go for a huge fraud. No, it's not true, my granny does not know what a fraud is, do you granny?

And Mom turning 70 next Sunday!!! Unbelievable! A picture of her new TV show. It's a weekly show, and she recorded her Workers' Day special last Tuesday, about the intellectual workers. It will air next Saturday, May 1.