Sunday, 25 April 2010

La France

The myth of France... I have heard of that before, but never really got it internalized. Now, I live (at least part of the time) in France, and people say wow, you live in France. That's indeed interesting! Actually, the people in Brazil, when I say I live in France, say, ah! Paris! It's like if saying I'm Brazilian, people would say Ah! Rio de Janeiro! Garota de Ipanema!

Yes, we know very little of this little big planet Earth. We know very little of our neighbours. We know very little sometimes even of our partners and family, and sons and daughters.

It's good to have a flat rate paid for the telephone as I can phone again a lot of people I almost do not talk to... and it is indeed so good to hear how happy they are when I phone. It's been a bit hectic here (a bit is an euphemism, as we have been unpacking 125 boxes!). But WAIT! You'll be called soon!

I guess life's gonna be normal (??) again in some months. Commuting between the south of France and the Cape in South Africa is not an easy thing to do.

You think it's all flowers in France? No way. A piece of news from my friend Michele (it's a newspaper cut without reference, sorry!): The number of people whose revenues surpasses 100.000 Euros net per year has increased 28% between 2004 and 2007. And the number of those whose revenues amount to more than 500.000 (per year)Euros increased 70%!. This means 84.000 Euros a month. And this is real revenues, and not accumulated fortune or assets. Within the same period poverty increased 22% (8 million people in 2007), that is people living with less than 908 Euros a month.

The French seem to be politically engaged. At least, our little community has an association, and we intend to participate in the next meeting. On the TV, there are quite a few political debates, and not the extremely superficial programmes broad-casted in Brazil and South Africa. Although they have debated a lot recently about the alleged love affairs of their president's (they call him Sako) and of his wife's (la belle de jour, Carla B-S), they do debate as well who should be the next candidate with some change to represent the socialists, in a weak phase in Europe as you all know.

Wait for more exciting news at any time!