Friday, 21 September 2007

Last four days in Germany

I haven't posted any notes in English here for a while, so you my friends have been learning Portuguese if you had the will and patience for a slightly strange language.

In the last two posts, I wondered at the beauty of the Autumn in Germany, with all the gold and red leaves falling and giving the landscape a magic color.

I'm today in Berlin, where I've been for a week now. The coming weekend will be in Bonn. We were given the gift of a good weather in the last days here. We're planning to go for a good bike tour, to finish my stay with golden keys. I'll leave for Mozambique on Wednesday, in four days time.

From there, I'll travel to Tanzania, to take the new life and place over. We're happy and already dreaming of the warm sea water.

We greet you all. Take care and keep happy and peaceful.